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Zhengchang has devoted to agriculture cereal separator machines for more than 3 decades. Our export record leaps from the bottom line to annually US$ 2 millions in record.


The variety of different machines also increased according to our customers’ needs in their project. Customers from South east Asia, Middle east, former CIS countries, South America, and African nations. The footprint of our history has always been blossoming with flowers from our export partners. We help them to win the government projects and we back up them for technological supports.


The link between out factory to the end users is the fundamental guarantee of the smooth operation and emergency recovery resolution. We are a trustworthy partner who will soon become your helper after your patronization. It is important to show your strong interest to us. We will listen to your needs and at your disposal for questions. Send an email to us the success story will begin to write in your history.

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