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This category includes linear vibration, circular vibration, magnetic selection, gravity selection and multi tasks concentration methods to complete fine selection purpose. Low maintenance and long working span are the final goal.


Double Layer Vibration Grader

This machine can adjust the size of various grains and other cereals by adjusting the screen. According to the particle size of different materials, different screens can be matched to achieve the ide . . . 


Vibration Grade Sieve

The first-class state of art product. It is simple and fast. Low cost and classical design rewrite efficiency . . . 


Magnetic Separator

This machine applies magnetic roller to remove material containing iron components, such as soil blocks, pumice, stones, bricks. The material which are hardly can be sorted out from a specific gravit . . . 


Linear Vibration Screening Machine

This machine is design for users who needs a compact, easy operation and no noisy machine. . . . 


Polisher Machine

This machine can carry out size classification processing on various cereals. According to the different size and weight by various screen the multiple classification of different beans can be sorted  . . . 


Suction Destoner

The Destoner Suction type has a durable vibration motor, and compact size, stable operation, stability, and less space requirement. . . . 



Using the principle of specific gravity to separate beans or cereals of the same volume and different weights, the main function of this equipment is to remove stones, glass, metals, sands wood produc . . . 


Gravity Separator 2

The gravity separators are used to screen beans or grains with the same volume and different specific gravity (such as sesame, mung bean, melon seeds, seeds, etc.). Mainly clean up the shriveled kerne . . . 


Gravity Separator

This machine can screen beans or cereals with the same volume and different specific gravity (such as sesame, mung bean, sunflower seeds, seeds, etc., removing straw, branches, hemp rope, dust, removi . . . 

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